His kisses were different tonight. 

 It felt deep; his tongue probing. I could barely come up for air. It wasn’t how we usually kissed.

 I could feel his hands on me… all over me. In the past, whenever we kissed, he’d hold me at my nape to press me close or play with my hair ever so subtly. His kisses were slow; calculated. It always felt like he was taking his time…

…reining the lust in.

 But tonight, there was an urgency. I could feel his need. There was heat generating off of him. It made me afraid. But it also made me feel wanted…



I could feel his hand slip beneath my blouse and cup the side of my breast. I couldn’t help it.

I cringed.

After-all, his moves are all new to me.

He pulled away slightly and rested his head against mine. “I’m sorry.” He panted. “I know you’re not ready.”

 I’ve heard him say that line so many times. And every time, I felt respected…



But tonight, that line made me think.

Why haven’t I been ready?

When will I be ready?

I have breathed and loved this man for 3 years now. Why was I holding back?

I love him.

I pulled back and he looked at me startled as I slowly pulled my blouse up. I could feel the cold against my skin and the goosebumps start to rise although, I didn’t think it was entirely because of the chill.

 “What are you doing?” He whispered.

I took his hand and held it to my heart so he can feel it hammering inside of me. But I felt no fear.

Just anticipation.

 “Celebrating our love.” I replied.

 Then I leaned and kissed him unlike any kiss I’ve done before.

SOTD: Coming Down – Halsey

inxs: Thanks to my friend, Sab for the writing prompt. Challenge accepted.