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I’ve been single for a while and now that I’m in my 30’s, people are more vocal in wondering why that is. I know I share the same sentiments with my fellow single ladies because it is always awkward when people say the darnest things.

Here are some of the things I’ve heard so far.

“Why are you still single?” giphy

Unsolved mystery. When I’ll figure it out, I’ll let you know. Hang in there.

“You’re so picky, that’s why.”


Why wouldn’t I be? Seriously, my happiness depends on it. Besides, the criteria is not irrational or unreasonable.

“It’ll come when you stop trying.”


Sure it will. Let’s hope it’s in this lifetime.

“Good thing you have an amazing job.”


There’s the silver lining because I can totally get intimate with my amazing job!

“At least, you’re free to do anything you want.”

Uum… I didn’t realize you can’t be free if you’re in a relationship. There might be something wrong if you feel restricted with someone. But, what does a single girl like me know, right?


“You’re still hanged up on your past relationships.”

I hope this answers that statement.

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“You should go out and meet new people.”

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Whatever made you think I’m agoraphobic and living like a hermit?

“You’re a catch!”


“You must totally hate Valentine’s Day.”

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Oh! I’ve never been a fan eversince. And it’s not even a real holiday. We don’t get double pay.

“There’s plenty of fishes in the sea.”

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People naming you first in every bouquet toss at a wedding reception or suggesting you do a performance of Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

  1. It’s no fun anymore when it’s in every single wedding.
  2. The song is getting old and not cute anymore.

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