If you are an avid tv junkie like I am (hence, the cebuana junkie), there’s so much to look forward to when the ‘ber’ months or autumn come. As we are almost halfway to September, my fave shows are just around the corner, and I’m excited!

How to Get Away With Murder


Season 1 was fast paced and and edge-of-your-seat thriller that I had to watch twice because I read somewhere that they were placing clues on each episode leading to Lila’s real killer.

I wonder how the characters will play out in season 2 as well as how the Keating 5 will outsmart each other to be the best student in Keating’s class. Plus I am excited for the love story of Connor and Oliver especially after finding out about Oliver’s condition.


HTGAWM returns on September 24!!!



My favorite scandalous people from the Capitol and the White House in Washington returns for more scandal and conspiracies in season 5! I miss the Olitz moments and all the connivance!

I’ll be sure to stock up on my popcorn and red wine!

Grey’s Anatomy


I’m not sure if I will continue my patronage for Grey’s Anatomy. I said that when they took out Christina Yang from the show and after Derek Shepherd’s untimely demise from the last season however, I am curious on how Meredith Grey will brace the aftermath of Derek’s death and of being a single mom.

Perhaps, I’ll give the first few episodes a try before I decide to abandon completely.

American Horror Story: Hotel


I have to admit that among all the AHS, I never got to finish Freakshow because I honestly, did not enjoy it. I am hoping that Hotel would have a better storyline. I am also looking forward to Lady Gaga’s performance as I think she is perfect to join the AHS family because she’s used to dressing up weird. I was a bit sad when earlier news said Jessica Lange won’t be joining this season but later reports said she’s making a comeback. In my opinion, it won’t be AHS without Lange.

We’ll see how this story will turn out.



Season 2 for Gotham returns on September 21 and I’m excited for this as well since we have new villains coming such as the Riddler! On the last season, we already had a glimpse of how Nygma succumbed to his dark side. It would be exciting to see this character in depth with his mischief. There has also been talks of the Joker making another appearance as his stint during season 1 was inadequate.

It’s just sad though that Fish Mooney played by Jada Pinkett-Smith, was unable to make it to season 2. She was fierce playing a villain with a heart.

And young Bruce Wayne discovers a hidden room that may or may not hold many answers to his many questions regarding his father and which may be the start of his training to be Gotham’s greatest superhero.

Of course, I’m excited to see my favorite villain, Penguin strut his dominance all over the city now that his competitors are dead.

The Walking Dead


The biggest highlight of my ‘ber’ months is the return of The Walking Dead! I absolutely love this show and I’m always over the moon in anticipation of how season will unfold especially now that Morgan has joined Rick’s group.

I’ve watched the trailer and is a bit sad that everyone seems to be against Rick. Morgan might come out as a leader now and I just don’t feel like it’s going to be the same. Ricktatorship for the win!

Also, AMC has mentioned that we might lose two important characters in this season. Please don’t let it be Glenn and Maggie. That would be too sad.

I just found out today that CBS won’t be renewing Stalker for another season. Boo!!! I enjoyed that show and Maggie Q is hot!

Nevertheless, aside from my fave shows returning, a new series will be starting that I’m eager about.

Scream Queens

images (1)

This new horror comedy show stars Emma Roberts, Jaime Lee Curtis and Lea Michelle  among the cast and is another baby from the same creators that brought us the AHS. This evolves about a murder on campus with everyone as a suspect.

I think Trust No One is basically the theme.

Whew! So many shows to watch! We’ll see who keeps us entertained the most!

Enjoy watching!