So much truth in this. Love is a great mystery. We may think we know it but we don’t. In Rumi’s words, All we want is love’s confusing joy!

Person Behind The Screen

‘The course of true love never did run smooth.’

-William Shakespeare.

Dear person behind the screen,

what is true love? I think it has become a theme of mine to say that there is no one answer to this. As perhaps there is no answer to love at all, I mean can you tell me what love truly is in one simple sentence? To say honestly, if you can fit all those extraordinary feelings into one 5 word sentence, I don’t think you actually know what love is. Because I suppose love is everything and it would take a book longer than War and Peace to describe it.

But one thing I did wonder this morning is what does it take to love truly? Because I will be very honest with you I do not think that every single person out there is capable of true love. In fact I…

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